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Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Foyer Erdgeschoss
Kleiner Saal
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Großer Saal mit Bühne
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Steinernes Meer

Rooms on the 1st floor

Main hall / Stage

427 m² & stage 112 m²

20,40 x 22,00 x 2,90 / 7 m


Projector screen (8m x 5m), flipcharts, pin boards, microphone, up to 3-screen projection, 15,000 ANSI Lumen, projector

Seating options

Cinema rows                                 630 Personen
Euro parliament seating              240 Personen
Tables with waiting staff              400 Personen
Gala seating                                  280 Personen
U-shape                                           68 Personen

The centrepiece of the facility is the main hall. Located on the first floor, this hall can offer the right facilities, equipment and atmosphere – whatever the event. Superior quality equipment and the multifunctionality of the venue allow every event to be tuned to perfection. This room can be extended by booking the gallery above or the small hall. Depending on the type of event planned, the facilities can be booked with or without a stage. The stage cloakrooms below are included in the rental fee and at 7.5 m² and 12.5 m² they are ideal for ideal artists and performers who need space.

Smaller hall

Size                                                116 m²

Dimensions                      13,15 x 9,00 x 2,85 m


projector, projector screen, flipcharts, pin boards, microphone

Seating options

Cinema rows                                  150 Personen
Euro parliament seating                 52 Personen
Tables with waiting staff               124 Personen
Gala seating                                      70 Personen
U-shape                                             24 Personen

The small hall is on the first floor and the ceiling is 60 cm higher than in the main hall. Its considerable size, the possibility of linking it to the main hall and the stylish atmosphere, all contribute to the convincing quality of this venue. Whether it is booked alone or in combination with the main hall, this facility offers plenty of room for workshops, stand-up comedy and concerts. The options are complemented with modern equipment and customisable lighting plans to produce unique, bespoke atmospheres and set-ups.

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