From green meetings to organic catering
Setting an example for environmental protection

Environmental sustainability at Congress Saalfelden

Our vision: Events at Congress Saalfelden should leave a lasting impression for several reasons! We intend for events held at our facilities to stay in the memory because of the excellent atmosphere here, the first-class rooms and halls, and our committed team. 

We also aim to have a positive impact on the environment and embrace social responsibility. We are proud our services and products at Congress Saalfelden send out a clear message on behalf of climate protection and environmental sustainability.

From green meetings to organic catering, our event location offers numerous options for sustainable and successful events.

Green meetings: Go green at Congress Saalfelden!

We offer ideal conditions for green events as an Austrian Ecolabel certified event venue. At Congress Saalfelden it's easy to ensure your event is ‘green’.

What are the key features of green meetings? Increased energy efficiency, waste avoidance and added value for the region.

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Your event venue with the Austrian Ecolabel

Event locations certified with the Austrian Ecolabel are particularly well-suited for hosting environmentally sustainable meetings.

Congress Saalfelden was also awarded this coveted seal of approval for its environmentally conscious management and social impact activities.

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Environmentally sustainable consumption: Organic catering for events

At Congress Saalfelden, even the catering is green – and we don't just mean the regionally-grown lettuce! Our catering partner Chef Partie is a certified provider of organic and environmentally friendly food and drink, and ensures there are always regionally-sourced and environmentally sustainable foods and beverages at our events.

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