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The ground floor

Our rooms on the ground floor

Guests are right at the heart of the action on entering Congress Saalfelden. They’ve already arrived in the middle of our first event area! Our rooms on the ground floor are bright and friendly places for exhibitions, receptions and many other events – just inside the front door. The brightly sunlit rooms on the ground floor score particularly well as break and networking areas.

Straight into the event action from the town square: Read more about our rooms on the ground floor!

Overview of our rooms on the ground floor

Whether separate or in combination, the rooms on the ground floor with adaptable dimensions serve a diverse range of requirements. Altogether they offer a total of almost 500 square metres of space!

Main foyer

The 293 square metres of floor space in the main foyer make it ideal as a reception or break area. Bright, friendly and spacious, the foyer exudes an inviting atmosphere right from the start. 

Perfect for:

  • Receptions
  • Exhibitions
  • Break and networking area

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Column or pillar foyer

Individually, or in combination with the main foyer, the 190-square-metre columned foyer with an inviting all-glass facade offers space for creatively designed events. The patio out front is a popular extra when the weather’s fine.

Perfect for:

  • Reception area
  • Catering area
  • Break area

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