Seats up in the viewing boxes at Congress Saalfelden
The gallery

The gallery on the second floor

A view of the whole event: The second-floor gallery at Congress Saalfelden is a perfect extension for larger events. Located directly above the main hall, the gallery offers an extra 150 square metres of space for your guests - and an excellent view of the stage!

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The gallery at a glance

The gallery on the second floor is a major asset for Congress Saalfelden, and not just for large events. It’s light, open and airy, making it the perfect place for anyone who desires an unobstructed view of the main hall stage – and a popular choice for concerts, cabarets and other cultural events.

The gallery impresses across the board, also providing an ideal space for a catering area, or for conferences and exhibitions.

By the way: The gallery can only be booked in combination with the main hall!

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Details and equipment

Room size & dimensions

  • 151 m2
  • 60.00 x 2.60 x 4.00 m

Seating options

  • 184 persons: Cinema seating
  • 46 persons: Classroom seating
  • 112 persons: Waited tables

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