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The basement

Rooms available in the basement

Use the basement for a dance floor, artists' dressing room or storage space! The basement at Congress Saalfelden offers plenty of additional space for balls, concerts and other events. The basement is a solid foundation for the congress centre and is often booked in combination with the ground floor for larger events.

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An overview of the basement rooms

The entire venue at Congress Saalfelden is extremely versatile, and our rooms in the basement enable a maximum of flexibility, too. Each can be booked individually or with an extension, is suitable for guest groups of different sizes and can be used and combined in a wide variety of ways.


The basement foyer offers a generous 95 square metres of space to accommodate all kinds of events.

Perfect as:

  • Bar area at balls
  • Cloakroom at major events 
  • Exhibition space

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Foyer extension

When combined with the foyer in the basement, the foyer extension opens up an additional 75 square metres of space. However, there are multiple possibilities for use if the extension is booked on its own, and it’s ideal for a cloakroom or storage space.

Perfect as:

  • Cloakroom area
  • Break room
  • Storage area

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The basement at Congress Saalfelden is a great place to dance! The 113 square metres of space in the disco provide the perfect environment. The room is also ideal as a storage room for large events, or as an artists' dressing room for concerts.

Perfect for:

  • Balls
  • Parties
  • Artists' dressing room

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Disco extension

The practical disco extension can be used in combination with the disco in the basement. 56 square metres guarantee even more space for dance enthusiasts or for use as additional storage space.

Perfect for:

  • Disco at balls
  • Lounge at large events
  • Catering room for cultural events

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