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Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Foyer Erdgeschoss
Kleiner Saal
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Großer Saal mit Bühne
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Steinernes Meer

Rooms on the 2nd floor


151 m²

Dimensions                     60,00 x 2,60 - 4,40 x 4 m

Seating options

Cinema rows                                       184 Personen
Euro parliament seating                       46 Personen
Table with waiting staff                      112 Personen

The gallery is situated directly above the main hall and offers a perfect view of the stage. The gallery is commonly used to provide extra capacity, particularly for large-scale events. The gallery is also an excellent source of space for catering when combined with the main hall as a venue for meetings and conferences.

Gallery hall

128 m²

Dimensions                          15,30 x 8,40 x 4 m


Projector screen, flipcharts, pin boards, microphone, projector

Seating options

Cinema rows                                      156 Personen
Euro parliament seating                     70 Personen
Tables with waiting staff                   132 Personen
Gala seating                                         80 Personen
U-Shape                                                36 Personen

On the 2nd floor right next to the gallery itself there is the gallery hall. At 128 m², with a high ceiling and a large window frontage, the gallery hall is very well suited to a whole range of events. It can be used as a break-out room, a plenary hall or a banqueting hall, and is astoundingly multifunctional and adaptable!

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