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Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Foyer Erdgeschoss
Kleiner Saal
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Großer Saal mit Bühne
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Steinernes Meer

Ground floor

Entrance area / Main foyer / Pillar foyer

Size                        293 m² + 190 m²

Dimensions            14,20 x 8,57x 3,00 m

                              13,00 x 9,00 x 3,00 m

                              17,20 x 15,00 x 2,74 m

Ideal for receptions, break areas or exhibition stands

Equipment options

High standing tables, accreditation desks

After strolling through the entrance at Congress Saalfelden the guest enters the large, open foyers. These areas are broad, bright and invite guests to relax, hold informal conversations with new contacts, or simply enjoy a glass of beer. Whether it is booked as break area with a bar, as an exhibition area or a trade fair venue, the flexibility and multifunctionality of these rooms allow a whole range of ideas to be put into practice.

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