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Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Foyer Erdgeschoss
Kleiner Saal
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Großer Saal mit Bühne
Außenansicht Congress Saalfelden
Steinernes Meer


Past & Present

In 2005 Congress Saalfelden was the first congress centre to be built in Pinzgau in the Zell am See region. At this point the venue had already established a reputation as a regional base for events over the previous 30 years. Throughout its entire existence ‘Festsaal Saalfelden’ was the first and indeed the only facility of its type and scale in the region.

Today, we always make sure we remember these beginnings, while keeping a clear focus on the present and the future.


Added value for our customers


The extension, renovation and new construction work enabled us to ´break into a new dimension in the region. We are now in competition with congress centres throughout Austria and beyond. The requirements for reaching this new level of service are met by our technical equipment, the variability and variety of room design options at the facility, and by the professionalism with which the events are implemented for our customers. We take these basic customer service criteria for granted. This alone wouldn’t be enough to differentiate us from the competition. What makes Congress Saalfelden so special is the unique interplay of nature, architecture and customer orientation in a part of Salzburg surrounded by so much magnificent alpine scenery.


Since the foundation of the company over 9 years ago we have made sure our customers have enjoyed the maximum benefit from all of our activities. Customers not only achieve the goals set for their events, they also enjoy the typical added value of ‘Congress Saalfelden’ events - excellent congress infrastructure and the complete dedication of our team.




Professionalism & genuine hospitality


Our main role is that of the host; to which we dedicate our complete attention. Taking care of our customers and their needs is at the heart of everything we do.

We ensure the services we provide are far above the average, not least by constantly questioning, adapting and improving them.

Another aspect that makes Congress Saalfelden so unique is the extraordinary level of preparedness among our employees to provide the best possible services, as well as their attention to detail, the easy-going atmosphere and the genuinely hearty hospitality.




The natural surroundings are integral to the venue


Congress Saalfelden provides an ideal working and learning environment to encourage guests to progress economically and with maximum efficiency.


The intact natural environment and fantastic scenery are reflected in the architecture at the venue; indeed, the surroundings are almost part of the facility itself. The excellent blend of benefits makes it an excellent venue for meetings and congresses, conferences and events, for anywhere from 2 to 1800 guests.




Green Meeting


We believe the need for conscious and responsible actions with regard to our environment and natural resources is an axiomatic truth.

We wholeheartedly accept and welcome our duty to support the efforts of our owner, the town of Saalfelden, and those of the Tourist Association of Saalfelden, as regards the aim of becoming an energy-efficient town according to the e5 programme.

To show our customers the effort we are making, and explain the measures in more detail, we aim to join up with a number of fellow congress service providers in Austria and take on a pioneering role in the organisation and implementation of ‘Green Meetings’. In complete harmony with this philosophy, we also aim for our customers to benefit from our efforts to act in an even more environmentally sustainable fashion.




Our values:


  • We see the services we provide for our customers as a seamless package. We believe it is essential to deal with customers in a respectful, friendly and fair manner.
  • We are reliable partners for our clients, suppliers and service providers, colleagues, counterparts and owners.
  • We are always delighted when customers and colleagues are completely satisfied.
  • We believe quality is not merely a temporary condition or a fixed value. It is a continuous process.
  • We provide excellent value-for-money.
  • We treat our partners the same way we would hope to be treated by them.
  • We cultivate a very collegial relationship with fellow congress service providers and encourage mutual support.
  • We interact very consciously with our natural environment.
  • We protect the environment and preserve resources whenever possible.
  • We accept praise, give praise and impart solution-orientated criticism.
  • We are allowed to make mistakes. They help us to get even better.
  • We are friendly, flexible and work self-dependently.
  • We respect the varying opinions and characteristics of customers, partners and associates.
  • We, the Congress Saalfelden team, support each other far beyond departmental and project borders.


Treat yourself to excellence in quality and efficiency in the facilities, planning and the implementation of your events and conferences. Enjoy the benefits of our vast creative potential for managing your event.


We look forward to welcoming you to Congress Saalfelden!






Alfred Wieland & team

Saalfelden, 6th October 2015

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