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From a traditional festival hall to an ultra-modern event centre

We are proud of our history at Congress Saalfelden!

The modern event centre has existed in the form we know it today since 2006. Previously, gatherings and large events in Saalfelden were held at ‘Gasthof Hindenburg’ and later in the festival hall.

Until the beginning of the 1980s all the larger-scale cultural events and society gatherings were hosted in the main hall at Gasthof Hindenburg. Continual growth in the number of participants and in the requirements placed on the location pushed the venue beyond its limits.

The building of Saalfelden Festival Hall

Intensive political discussions about the conceptualisation and location of a new venue for conferences and cultural events ultimately lead to the erection of a festival hall on the site of what is now Congress Saalfelden. This location had previously been used as a car park and a storage area. A large gala evening was held on the 31st of December 1980 to mark the opening of the venue.

Back then Gasthof Hindenburg, located right next to the hall, was the operator and leaseholder of the festival hall; an arrangement which also guaranteed an excellent catering service for the facility. Building a festival hall on what was originally home to the fire brigade – today’s town square – facilitated the establishment of a cultural centre that attracted guests from all over the Pinzgau region.

Saalfelden unveils a new, ultra-modern congress and event centre

After more than 20 successful years in the festival hall the decision was made to respond to the strong trend towards ever larger numbers of well-attended congresses and conferences. As a result the existing building was expanded and converted into a modern venue for congresses and public access events. As well as being multifunctional and introducing a completely new spatial concept with optional and mobile walls, the planning of the new Congress Saalfelden building also integrated various architecturally impressive features. In particular, the building has a very eye-catching facade and a glass cube on the 4th floor – both of which reflect the new direction taken at the venue.

In October 2005, after a short and intensive period of restructuring activity, Congress Saalfelden was able to open re-open parts of the venue. On the 30th December 2005 the inhabitants of Saalfelden took the opportunity provided by the facility’s open day to discover the convincing results of the reconstruction work. On the 6th April 2006 Congress Saalfelden was officially reopened with a large celebration for customers and partners. Since then the venue has been managed and operated by Congress & Stadtmarketing Saalfelden GmbH, which in turn is owned by the town and tourist association.

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